South Downs Hang Gliding School Trip

Back in 2015 I went to Spain for a week with my hang gliding school. It was a fantastic trip as it gave us new pilots a chance at flying new sites from higher altitudes than what we were used to back on the South Down. The great thing about the trip was that we had guidance from our instructors, not only in flying these new sites but also with booking accommodation and which sites were best to fly given the current weather conditions. We stayed at a new hotel everyday as we traveled between flying destinations.  The weather conditions were brilliant all week long and we were lucky enough to fly every day. We started off at Padul and worked our way along the southern coast of Spain, stopping off at Loja and Algodonales along the way.

The hill of Teba

This was an absolutely amazing site to fly as on top of the hill sits the beautiful Spanish town of Teba. In this video you can see me doing circles in front of the hill face with Teba in the background.

I flew twice in one day at this location (seen in the video above). This was my second flight later in the day just as the sun was about to set.


This next flight was at Loja – again, yet another amazing site to have flown from. From take off I went on a journey from 2000ft above sea level soaring down the mountain, over homes, roads and railway bridges. This is certainly a flight I’ll never forget.


Our final site would be near the town of Padul. We were also lucky enough to fly here twice. Gliding along the mountain ridge, over the quarry and finally into the landing approach over the flat lands.



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