A Photographers Day: Through The Woods And To The Coast

Upon leaving the Grand Victorian Hotel I was eager to explore Clapham Woods. I had noticed the large green area on my maps app and thought it would make for some great photo opportunities. It’s not far from Worthing town but as I had missed the correct turn offs three times, it took about 30 minutes.

At first I was unsure if I was even allowed to enter the woods as the road leading up to it was a private one. I spoke to a local dog walker who told me I am allowed to enter, “as long as you don’t make a mess”. We laughed, and into the woods I entered.


At the end of the private road was a church surrounded by tall hedges, overlooked by naked branches. I took this photo and then followed the path into Clapham woods.

I was amazed at how many features these woods had to offer. There were pockets of open spaces that gave way to smaller plants and set the stage for logs or tree stumps overgrown in moss. A number of trees had fallen where they once stood tall on the sloping land. Their roots pulled right out of the ground bringing the stones up with them and leaving them lodged betweens the roots. Huge fallen branches lay horizontally where blankets of vivid green moss now coats them in an area untouched.

As I ventured deeper into the woods I could see that such features where scattered throughout if you went off the beaten path. I came to an intersection of pathways and found one that appeared to be a road. Alongside it was a large open field surrounded by fences and barbed wire. I took several photos and decided to get back onto one of the narrower, muddier paths through the woodland.

To my surprised I had found a tent set up right in the centre of the woods. Near it where a number of interesting looking features that I wanted to take a picture of, however I was cautious. Not being one to walk away from what looks like a good photo opportunity, I used my sneaking tactics developed over years of playing Metal Gear Solid and tried my best not to step on any twigs.

No one appeared so I got my snaps and continued my trek.

I followed a path that lead me to the corner of an open green grassland. The top of which, disappeared into the fog as if it were the edge of the world. On my way out I noticed some scratchings on a tree. It was a classic symbol of young love, the pair had scratched their names into the bark.


Littlehampton felt like a ghost town. There was no one around but I’ll put that down to the weather. It was cold, damp and foggy so you can’t expect anyone to really be out. Still, that didn’t stop me. I walked from the pier, past the beach huts and into a park that had a mini golf course, a miniature railway and tennis courts.


Miniture golf course

It was a good end to the day considering the weather conditions. I’ll finish this post with  this bench I found in the park.



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